I'm Nicole, a photographer based in Manchester, UK. I'm an all-round creative with a passion for photography. I graduated with a degree in Photography in 2016 and set up my business with The Prince's Trust a few months later. After a few stressful years of photographing beauty, I decided to change direction and started photographing products for small businesses, I find this to be as rewarding as it is creative, and it finally fits my lifestyle. 
In 2018, I bought a van, and slowly converted it into my tiny home on wheels for my cat, Phoebe, and I. Being self employed gives me the flexibility to be able to work and travel without limiting myself to one or the other. I adore being in nature, and travelling around gives me the opportunity to take products on little adventures! Although I can work from my van, I mostly work from my home in Manchester, so if nature/vanlife isn't your vibe, it's not the only option I offer.
I consider myself to be fairly laid back and definitely avoid stress as much as possible, I will always try to make your booking as stress free as can be, I'm pretty flexible and understand sometimes things just don't go to plan; running a small business can be a lot of brain ache (trust me, I know!), so I try my hardest to be understanding and have a relaxed and down to earth approach to customer service, some may deem it slightly informal, but I want people to feel welcomed and not like they're speaking to a robot, we're all human after all!.
If you're interested in what I have to offer, have a nosey at my booking page, or email me using the contact form, alternatively, I'm always contactable via Instagram!
If you're looking for a product photographer for your small business, get in touch! 
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